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problem running query through webhcat - CDH 5

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I need to expose a simple webservice (get only the lines that have a certain ID from one table). Therefore I tried to use WebHCat. 

curl -v -d -d execute="SELECT * FROM myDatabase.myTable+*+WHERE+key=52;" -d statusdir="/user/agherman/agherman.output" 'http://<ip>:50111/templeton/v1/hive'

 Firstly I had a similar error with this post : , therefore I folowed the given steps (and I addaped them to CDH5 version). 


  • ln -s ../../../../../../jars/hive-exec-0.13.1-cdh5.3.0.jar /opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH-5.3.0-1.cdh5.3.0.p0.30/lib/hive-hcatalog/sbin/../share/webhcat/svr/lib/

  • Service-Wide Environment Safety Valve (Cloudera Management Service Environment Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve)): TEMPLETON_HOME=/opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH/lib/hive-hcatalog

  • WebHCat Server Configuration Safety Valve for webhcat-site.xml

    <description>Jars to add to the classpath.</description>
    <description>The path to the Hive executable.</description>
    <description>The path to the Hive executable.</description>
  •  Create tar an upload
cd /opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH/lib
tar -zcvf /tmp/hive-0.13.1-cdh5.3.0.tar.gz ./
cd /tmp
sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -mkdir /apps/templeton
sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -mkdir /apps
sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -mkdir /apps/templeton
sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -put /tmp/hive-0.13.0-cdh5.3.0.tar.gz /apps/templeton
sudo -u hdfs hadoop dfs -chmod -R 777 /apps/templeton
  • create needed directory


hdfs dfs -mkdir /templeton-hadoop

hdfs dfs -mkdir /templeton-hadoop/jobs/

hdfs dfs -chown -R hive /templeton-hadoop


  • However now, the jobs run and has a sucessful state but when I try to see my result file I have a missing jar error:
-	Missing Hive Execution Jar: /yarn/nm/usercache/agherman/appcache/application_1422872444323_0062/container_1422872444323_0062_01_000002/hive-0.13.1-cdh5.3.0.tar.gz/hive/lib/hive-exec-*.jar => add this jar into our jar

 I checked the created hive-0.13.1-cdh5.3.0.tar.gz and it contains 2 hive-exec-*.jar in the hive/lib directory...


What should I check? Where should I add this jars?


Thank you!



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