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CDH 5.4 and HDFS Sentry Plugin Sync


I have CDH 5.4 installed with Sentry Enabled.  I have also enabled HDFS Sentry Plugin Sync with Extended ACLs.  I can access authorised tables via Hive and Impala but cannot look at the data via HDFS (hadoop fs), I always get a permissions error.  I have checked the permissions on those file/folder/table and can see that the group that the user belongs to does on appear on the list groups permissioned in for that file/folder/table.  I have checked this via hadoop fs, hdfs dfs getfacls and hue.  I also note that one of the groups that has been created in the ACLs is blank i.e. has no group name associated with it.  How can I check that HDFS Sentry Sync is functioning correctly?  FYI I have Kerberos enabled and am using Unix groups to support this test environment.




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