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Cloudera Manager still shows as stale client after deployment - how is the status determined?


i am using CM and CDH 5.3.3.  In the CM UI for the Yarn service the configruation shows up as stale even after I deploy the configuration.


I deploy and restart the cluster, but the status is still showing up as stale :-(. 


It looks like the client configurations are getting installed on the nodes (/etc/* location). 


So my main questions is: How is the "stale indicator" determined? 


How does it do the "diff"? 

Is it something in the CM DB that needs to be reset?


Some other background:

The /tmp folder and root folder (/etc) on a data node ran out of space.  I changed the config file and tried to redeploy the config before removing the /tmp data.  So is there something on that data node that did not get cleaned up correctly? 


Also, we put some of the gateway roles on the data nodes.  That allows the Oozie shell jobs to access the client configruations.  Is the order of the deployments of the client configurations causing them to show up as stale? 




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