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CCD-410 getting replaced by CCP-Data Engineer

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Hi Cloudera Team,


I am planning to give Hadoop CCD-410 certification.I am basically working on Mainframes, planning to switch to Big Data side of things.


Now when i see that current CCD-410 is getting replaced by CCP-Data Engineer i have below points.

1) CCP-DE is more hands on course covering entire gamut of Apache Ecosystem where as CCD-410 acts more like that somebody knows basic

   of Hadoop and has basic qualification to start working on Hadoop projects.

2) While both the certification have different objectives,completely scratching off CCD-410 does not make sense.People like me can cross train 

    themselves, get this certification and try their luck in Big data world,whereas CCP-Data Engineer being more hands on under rigorous time

    time constraint fits for people who have tried their hand in Big Data projects for 3-5 years.

3) As said earlier,people like me will more likely to go for CCD-410 and then switch to Big Data rather than risk directly taking CCP-DE,and in country

    like India these kind people will be atleast tens of thousand.

4) In case,CCD-410 is scrapped,above set of people will be switching to entry level certifications from Hortonworks or MapR etc,which does not

   make business sense to cloudera.


In light of above points - i would suggest that ( i can just suggest !!) please keep the 'theorotical' exam like CCD-410 intact (i know it involves

some practical knowledge as well) for entry level proffessionals trying to switch to Big Data side.Maybe you can come out with another version

which covers more Hadoop echo systems in somewhat more details but emphasis should be more on knowing of basics.


Also Exams like CCP-DE would fit the bill of experienced Pro havings hands on Hadoop.


P.S - I would request to take this mail right up to decision making team at the top as this concerns many many proffessionals like me.



Syed Rizvi




Who agreed with this topic