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Cloudera Manager Service Pause Duration issue

Hi all,


We use for staging purpose Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub Edition Trial 5.4.3 with HBASE,HDFS,YARN and Zookeper.

There are 3 servers, one as master-namenode and two as datanodes.

We have the same environment on production site but with one master-namenode and six as datanodes.


On both environments we have the same error on the master-namenode and we lost the connection on GUI after while for a couple of seconds.


Pause Duration.

Detected pause in JVM or host machine (e.g. a stop the world GC, or JVM not scheduled): paused approximately 1781ms: GC pool 'ConcurrentMarkSweep' had collection(s): count=1 time=2116ms

I think the problem is that I have to tune Java but I don't know exactly what value I have to change. 


Thanks in advance for your time.


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