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CCP: Data Engineer - Study Aids

Rising Star

First off, I'm a big fan of this new CCP: Data Engineer exam approach.  I know Cloudera is working things out right now and I have a few questions perhaps someone can provide some input on:

Instead of a standard study guide for the exam, any thoughts on having a VM with all tooling existing on the exam, and even sample data to utilize to practice disparate patterns, and even some example scenarios to play with? Perhaps a single VM couldn't provide all the functionality that will exist on the exam (thinking about Kafka in particular), but it would create a very good sandbox to play in.
Last Question: Are there plans to release any more scenarios or guidance than what is already out there now?
I perhaps am over-reaching in my requests if the point of achieving the status of Data Engineer is to demonstrate a firm actionable undestanding of Hadoop and it's ecosystem tools, but I'll let someone official tell me if I'm right or wrong. :)
very much appreciated!
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