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Clooudera Search - problem creating solr collection. Solr UI does not show collections




I have been having problems at clients's 5 nodes cluster.


Solr has kerberos disables but the cluster is kerberized.


Whenever I try to create new collectons it is never displayd on solr admin ui.


solrctl instancedir -–generate /home/user/my_collection   ok


solrctl --zk server1:2181,server2:2181,server3:2181/solr instancedir --create my_collection /home/user/my_collection     ok


solrctl --zk server1:2181,server2:2181,server3:2181/solr collection --create my_collection s 1 r 1   nok



Whenever I execute the commands below  it's shown the collections but IT DOES NO APPEAR ON SOLR ADMIN UI.


solrctl --zk server1:2181,server2:2181,server3:2181/solr instancedir --list




solrctl --zk server1:2181,server2:2181,server3:2181/solr collection --list



Solr log does not say too much.



Despite the fact that the cluster is kerbirized and solr not, I have followed this doc


specially  this part of the doc :


Configuring Solr to Use Secure HDFS


Add Kerberos-related settings to /etc/default/solr or /opt/cloudera/parcels/1.0.0+cdh5.3.8+0/etc/default/solr on every host in your cluster, substituting appropriate values. For a package based installation, use something similar to the following:




Everything is fine and no issues when restarting solr server via CM.




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