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Namenode port 8020 not accessible from outside.

New Contributor

I am trying to access my Namenode port 8020 from outside the cluster but its not accessible. My cluster is setup in Azure environment. I am getting the following error


[hdfs-hdfsSink-call-runner-0] (org.apache.hadoop.ipc.Client$Connection.handleConnectionFailure:666)  - Retrying connect to server: Already tried 1 time(s)

I have already made changes in each /etc/hosts file like that


original setting

--------------------- xxxxxx-mn0 xxxxxx-dn0 xxxxxx-dn1 xxxxxx-dn2


Replace local ip address from public ip address


1xx.1x.1x3.1x1 xxxxxx-mn0
1xx.1x.1x3.1x2 xxxxxx-dn0
1xx.1x.1x4.1x3 xxxxxx-dn1
1xx.1x.1x5.1x4 xxxxxx-dn2


xxxxxx-dn0 is my Namenode.


In the HDFS configuration in Cloudera Manager property Bind NameNode to Wildcard Address also check.


[root@xxxxxx-dn0 ~]# sudo netstat -tulpn | grep :8020
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 31540/java


Please help me.




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