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Cannot obtain block length - error not persistent
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Today my job failed because:

Cannot obtain block length for LocatedBlock{BP-1623273649-<IP>-1419337015794:blk_1076750425_3012802; getBlockSize()=16188; corrupt=false; offset=0; locs=[<IP-Worker1>:50010, <IP-Worker-2>:50010, <IP-WORKER-3>:50010]}

I tried to find the filename:

hdfs fsck / -files -blocks | grep 'BP-1623273649-<IP>-1419337015794:blk_1076750425'

but there is nothing(no file found with this block ID).


I restarted the job twice and the second time it worked. I didn't change anything. The cluster is in HA and the NN didn't change.



Would you please explain to me what could have happened? 


Thank you,


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