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CDH 5.7.0, RHEL 7.2, NFS Gateway fails to start


I am testing CDH 5.7.0 on Redhat EL 7.2, and I noticed that upon startup of the cluster, the NFS Gateway(s) fail to start. The (STDOUT) log states the following:


Wed Apr 13 08:56:43 EDT 2016
using /usr/java/jdk1.8.0_77 as JAVA_HOME
using 5 as CDH_VERSION
using /run/cloudera-scm-agent/process/295-hdfs-NFSGATEWAY as CONF_DIR
using as SECURE_USER
Cannot connect to port 111.
No portmap or rpcbind service is running on this host. Please start portmap or rpcbind service before attempting to start the NFS Gateway role on this host.


and in the Role Log File, I see the following errors:


Apr 12, 2:16:13.088 PM ERROR org.apache.hadoop.oncrpc.RpcProgram Unregistration failure with localhost:4242, portmap entry: (PortmapMapping-100005:1:17:4242)
Apr 12, 2:16:13.103 PM ERROR org.apache.hadoop.oncrpc.RpcProgram Unregistration failure with localhost:2049, portmap entry: (PortmapMapping-100003:3:6:2049)


The NFS Gateway will refuse to start until I manually start rpcbind from the commandline (hint taken from above message). I have never had to do this in previous CDH distros, nor RHEL distros; however, in the CDH 5.7.0 / RHEL 7.2 combination, it consistently fails. Anyone else experiencing this?



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