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QuickStart VM - Several Questions

i am using the quickstart vm in order to test out connecting 3rd party query tools with hive.


i am trying to do this from ANOTHER vm running ms/windows 2008 where i am running my 3rd party product.


i am able to open a browser session on my vm and access the quickstart vm and run hue using the url


i can ping the quickstart vm fine.


what i cannot seem to do is establish a connection via jdbc or via the cloudera odbc driver or via another 3rd party odbc driver


i'd like to confirm the following:


#1 - the version of hive (0.10, 0.11, ?) on the quickstart vm


#2 - that the quickstart vm is using hiveserver2 versus hiveserver1


#3 - that the listening port is the default 10000


#4 - that the database is default


#5 - when using the jdbc / odbc connections whether authentication is required - if so what are those credentials


#6 - is there a way to validate that my vm can reach the hive server on the quickstart vm




fyi - the cloudera odbc test returns the following:


Driver Version: V2.5.5.1006

Running connectivity tests...

Attempting connection
Failed to establish connection
SQLSTATE: HY000[Cloudera][HiveODBC] (34) Error from Hive: connect() failed: errno = 10061.


my vm is NOT running a firewall and i used the iptables command to try and ensure that the cloudera image is not running a firewall service.


thank you for any assistance


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