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[ANNOUNCE] Third installment of Cloudera Labs packaging of Apache Phoenix - Phoenix 4.7.0 on CDH5.7
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Cloudera is pleased to announce the third Cloudera Labs packaging of the Apache Phoenix project. This packaging is based on Phoenix's upstream 4.7.0 release and is expected to work with CDH5.7.


Interested users should follow the directions for installing Phoenix from the original announcement for a Cloudera Labs packaging. For step 1c, when adding a Remote Parcel Repository URL you should use the one for Cloudera Labs packaging 1.3:


The remainder of the steps should be the same.


Please note that Cloudera Labs is used to measure interest in projects. While they are packaged and tested to work with CDH, they are not officially supported. Additionally, note that like prior Cloudera Labs packaging, there is no guarantee of upgrade compatibility from previous Cloudera Labs packaged Phoenix versions.


Special thanks to Andrew Purtell's "Phoenix for Cloudera" project for compatibility work leveraged in this packaging.

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