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Parallel Spark jobs stuck at accepted state in 'yarn' mode through Oozie

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I am trying to run two parallel Spark jobs through Oozie. These jobs execute successfully when Spark Master is set to local[*], however when I try to run these jobs with Spark Master as yarn, the workflow execution get stuck at the following state:


1. Two Oozie MR Jobs gets stuck at 95%

2. First Spark job gets into Running state and gets stuck at 10%

3. Second Spark job gets stuck into Accepted State.


I am using a CHD 5.8 Amazon EC2 cluster with one master and three slaves. I have set the following resource related settings through Cloudera Manager: 


1. Dynamic Resource Pool Configuration -> User Limits -> Default 10

2. Dynamic Resource Pool Configuration -> Resource Pools -> Max Running Apps 10


What could be the issue here? Any help is highly appriciated. Thanks in advance.




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