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CDH 5.9 missing log data for successful Oozie job
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We are having problems with viewing logs for a successful Ozzie job running in a new CDH 5.9 Azure cluster. The job completes successfully but when trying to view the logs in Hue, the logs are empty (in the Hue-Oozie Dashboard).


The Oozie workflow which worked fine in CDH  5.8, contains only a Sqoop and Hive command.


Initially we tried to use the 5.8 workflow in 5.9, but got the following error message:

This workflow was imported from an old Hue version, save it to create a copy in the new format or open it in the old editor.


We re-created the workflow from scratch, but now there is nothing showing in the Log tab in the Hue-Oozie Dashboard.


Please see the attached images.



Has anyone else ever experienced this?

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