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Getting NULL values for UPPERCASE columns while reading an orc table from Hive(version 2.3.0-amzn-0)




We are storing some column names in UPPER CASE while generating an ORC file. When we read the ORC file from hive 2.3.0 in EMR, we are getting NULL values for all UPPER-CASE columns. It is working fine in hive2.1.0 and other versions.

Below is the metadata of orc file

Type: struct<GRADE:double,LOSAL:double,HISAL:double,purge_seq_id:double,purge_date:timestamp,aj_retention_applied:string,aj_pk_column:double>


It is a known issue in Hive 0.13 and got fixed in later versions.


Please help me out.....

Thanks in advance

Who agreed with this topic