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Cloudera manager high availability does not work as expected




We have a CDH 5.13 cluster and want to configure Cloudera manager and management services hih avilability. I worked according to the official guide.


I used two server pairs, one for CM itself and one for the management services along with two HAProxy lod balancers, as mentioned in the docs.


I folowed the instructions thoroughly but could'nt make it work. The first problem is with this page, section 2-f. <MGMTHostname> is just not reported in the host list, although the agent is running with the right listening_address and the hosts file is properly configured.


I tried to ignore it and go on using the actual server names, but then the services are registered with the actual host name and not the load balancer name and if a failover occurs then I have to manually restart the management services so they willl update with the secondary CM host name.


It seems like our system is not in sync with the documentation. I tried to google this problem but found nothing valuable.


Is this a known issue ? Did I miss something ? How can I make it work ?


Thank you



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