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kafka-streams and ksql

A post from 2016 outlined the broad differences between CDH and Confluent platforms for Kafka. The default package of Kafka included in CDH and available to activate via the manager allows me to create zookeeper and broker instances, create topics, post avro messages to topics and consume them. I have been able to create producers and consumers in Python but had to install kafka-python. 



1. Will kafka-streams API be part of CDH or is this something I have to install separately? 

2. Is Spark stream the preferred streaming platform for CDH?

3. Will Schema Registry and REST Proxy be part of CDH or do I install them separately?

4. Will ksql be availabel out of the box on CDH or do I install separately?


Pardon my ignorance. Pretty new to the "big data" ecosystem and overwhelmed by the plethora of tools.

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