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BDR Path Exclusion

I have just started working in this environment.


I would like to know, how to exclude sub folder from my replication.


My directory structure is

                    /data/etl1/source/, /data/etl1/release/

                    /data/etl2/source/, /data/etl2/release/

                    /data/etl3/source/, /data/etl3/release/

                    /data/etl4/source/, /data/etl4/release/

                    /data/etl5/source/, /data/etl5/release/

                    /data/etl6/source/, /data/etl6/release/


Now i would exclude all the files from /data/etl?/source/ folder) and should only replicate /data/etl!/source.


Source path: /data/

target path: /data/


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