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Service has 0 Kafka Brokers. Kafka requires at least 1 Kafka Broker

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This problem is related to CM API. The error is thrown when creating service ApiCluster.create_service(). Although this problem can be avoided by manually adding the role instance through Kafka service -> Instances -> Add Role Instances -> Kafka Broker, I would like to programatically adding this (instead of manually operation).


However I don't see any related examples in cloudera forum, nor in cloudera github. 


Observing the output


<ApiList>(3): [<ApiRoleConfigGroup>: Kafka-GATEWAY-BASE (cluster: Cluster 1; service: Kafka), <ApiRoleConfigGroup>: Kafka-KAFKA_MIRROR_MAKER-BASE (cluster: Cluster 1; service: Kafka), <ApiRoleConfigGroup>: Kafka-KAFKA_BROKER-BASE (cluster: Cluster 1; service: Kafka)]


Kafka role for broker has already been there after calling ApiCluster.create_service(). So how can I associate the instance with role? Any code snippet?


Can it be done through ApiRoleConfigGroup.update_config()? If so what config content should be provided?


Thank you

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