Why hyperlinks are not displayed in the questions of the community forums?

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First of all, I swear that I searched the FAQ before asking, but, someone could explain me why hyperlinks are not displayed in the forums questions or answers? (Except for moderators apparently)

I don't understand it because, when reading the FAQ (, I find:

Content Creation Tips and Traps

h3> How do I make a word, phrase a URL link to another site in my questions and answers?

Simply highlight the word that you want made into a URL and then click the icon that looks like a little earth. Then, enter the URL and click OK. The URL will be noted at the bottom of the text box, but it will not appear once the question or answer is posted.

Great but, now, in the Community guidelines for HCC (, one can also find:

Question & Answer Guidelines

  1. Try to limit code samples to 20 lines. If you have longer code samples, or sample apps/examples that are related to the question, consider posting them on your personal github and sharing the link.

Don't you think it's contradictory?

We can always insert the whole URL as text, but isn't it overkill?



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