system admins : my posts are gone

Master Collaborator

I posted two questions today I don't see them anymore ?



hi @Sami Ahmad

I've seen a few quirks this week also like vanishing avatars, and a post here and there. I'm following up internally to see if this is perhaps related to any system upgrades.


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ok thanks

please let me know if I have to repost those questions.


@Sami Ahmad

I would re-post if I were you to get faster answers, I don't see any recent posts from you apart from this one.

Cloudera Employee

Hi Sami,

I'm investigating this for you. Can you provide a link to any of the vanishing posts, or links to the reposted questions that had previously vanished?

Cloudera Employee

@Sami Ahmad Hi Sami, following up on this. Do you know the approximate titles of the posts that disappeared?