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Preventive Maintenance Data Science Use-Case for Fleet Cost Avoidance.

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Repo name Preventive_maintenance
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This demo requires a custom library from this project: install custom Scala dependencies from github using IntelliJ IDEA on Mac, perform these steps (replace descriptions in <carets> with appropriate values.

From a shell prompt:

cd ~/IdeaProjects
git clone<path>/<projectname>.git

(mkdir ~/IdeaProjects if the directory does not exist)

(clone in this case)

  • Create a new IntelliJ project.

Open IntelliJ, create a new project under File -> New -> Project From Existing Sources, import from existing sources cloned to new directory created above

Add dependencies when prompted

  • Set up the project to create a JAR file.

In IntelliJ, add a JAR file to the outputs using File -> Project Structure, Artifacts. Select Create new Artifact -> JAR -> From modules with Dependencies.

Check "Include in project build” checkbox.

Path should default to: …/IdeaProjects/<projectname>/out/artifacts/<jarname>_jar. Give the JAR file an appropriate name.

Build the project by selecting Build -> Build Project (will likely rebuild the project completely due to the changes above)

Verify creation of JAR in local directory

  • Add the JAR as a dependency in the Zeppelin interpreter.

Copy JAR to Zeppelin server. Zeppelin will handle distributing the dependency to the Spark nodes.

scp -i ~/ssh/<certificate file>.pem ~/IdeaProjects/<projectname>/out/artifacts/<jarname>_jar<username>@<>:~
ssh -i ~/ssh/<certificate file>.pem <username>@<> sudo cp <jarname>.jar /usr/lib

In Zeppelin Interpreter config, edit %Spark or %Spark2 interpreter as needed. At bottom of configuration settings, add dependency to file location with absolute path:


  • Add dependency to Zeppelin notebook:
import <com.your.libraryname>._