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This Article is intended to Ambari Administrators who will be managing ambari .

And for the steps mentioned below, you need access to ambari Server and ambari database.

For Ambari versions below ambari- refer to comments here :

This article is for Ambari- and above.

Problem Statement: you have changed the password of the admin user in UI and now you forgot the password. you want to reset the admin password.


1) Stop ambari server

ambari-server stop

2) login to your database (default password will be bigdata)

  psql -U ambari ambari

or ( for mysql)

mysql -U ambari -D ambari

3) execute the command :

update user_authentication set authentication_key='538916f8943ec225d97a9a86a2c6ec0818c1cd400e09e03b660fdaaec4af29ddbb6f2b1033b81b00' where user_id in (select user_id from users where user_name='admin');

4) exit the database and restart ambari-server

ambari-server start

Now password is reset to default one(ie admin) and you can login to ambari-server using admin/admin .

Hope this helps.

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