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Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) documentation is now available at

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 9.23.13 AM.png

The CDP documentation is divided in the following sections corresponding to CDP services and components:

Each of these documentation sections includes its own Release Notes document. 

Furthermore, when using CDP, you can access contextual help by clicking on the Help icon in the bottom left corner:

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 9.30.37 AM.png

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Expert Contributor

Cloudera Data Platform Data Center Edition 7 is now generally available.


Any idea when the Upgrade documentation for CDH 5.x to CDP 7.x will be available for 

Data Center Edition?


@ebeb The upgrade documentation will be available once the upgrade is supported.


Is this Cloudera Management Console available to be install on premise? I would really like to try it. I did some reading, and what I understand, it is currently only on Public Cloud right? Is my understanding correct? Thanks

Expert Contributor

Hi @muslihuddin ,


Currently, the CDP Management Console is only available in the public cloud. However, we are also planning to launch a CDP Private Cloud edition which would run on-premises including the Management Console.


If you are looking to run CDP on-premises today, you can do that with the CDP Data Center (DC) edition. CDP-DC is managed by Cloudera Manager and does not use the Management Console.


I hope that helps.




Expert Contributor


Is the upgrade from on-premise CDH 5.x--> CDP-DC 7.x option available yet or only fresh install available now? Does copying the old data from CDH 5.x ---> CDP 7.x possible using distcp or other means? 


Hi @StevenOD 

Thank you very much for your info. I've actually configured CDP-DC at my office to try it out. It is very small scale setup for now and currently only have one base cluster.


I'm trying to create a project using similar to use case shown in very recent Cloudera Data Flow webinar which is injecting/streaming iot sensors data to data warehouse using NiFi and Kafka.


The problem is, in my CDP-DC environment, there is no option to create a cluster from templates like the one available in CDP Public Cloud such as Streaming Messaging and Flow Management template which natively consist component like NiFi. For now there is only Data Engineering, Data Mart,Operational Database & custom cluster template available.


So it is safe for me to say that all these cluster template and components available in public cloud will be available to CDP Private cloud soon right? Or I can proceed with my CDP-DC and install NiFi through csd to proceed with my project. Really appreciate if you could point me to the right direction. Thanks again

Hi @StevenOD , I have similar question to @muslihuddin .

I am trying to do a quick PoC with spinning up cloudera CDP Environment in AWS following this doc:

however since Management Console is only in public cloud, which is not an option for my organisation, I am wondering if there is any other option available for trialing running CDP in AWS?

Thank you


Expert Contributor

Hi @ebeb ,


Thanks for your question.


There are a number of ways to get to CDP. If the public cloud is an option for you then I strongly recommend you explore doing that because there are so many advantages of this approach.


If you are staying on-premises then you can either built a new CDP-DC cluster and move data to the new environment and migrate content to that environment using the inbuilt tools. Or, you can do an upgrade in place of your existing CDH cluster. To do the upgrade in place CDH needs to be at 5.13 or above. The upgrade in place approached will be available when we release CDP-DC 7.1.






Expert Contributor

Hi @muslihuddin ,


The cluster templates are only available in the CDP public cloud form factor at the moment. So for CDP-DC you can install Nifi using a parcel / csd as you say. It's pretty easy to do.




Expert Contributor

Hi @denys_tyshetsky ,


I don't understand your question - you want to trial CDP in AWS public cloud environment but the fact that the CDP Management Console is in the public cloud is an issue?




Hi @StevenOD,

I might have misunderstood the hosting detail of Management Console. As far as I understood it is going to be hosted at  <> which is multi-tenant, Cloudera managed cloud resource that we don't have much control or visibility over. You are correct about my PoC being in public cloud however all the resources are in VPC, which is covered by the company policies in which case more control and visibility are available.


Please correct me if I am wrong on that.

My other question still stands regarding the alternatives for creating CDP in AWS environment apart from provisioning using Public Cloudera managed cloud.

Thank you very much

Expert Contributor

Hi @denys_tyshetsky 


Yes, you are right - the CDP Management Console for public cloud is hosted by Cloudera in our VPC. CDP public cloud is a PaaS offering so we need a control plane through which we launch services. Those services are then launched into the customer's VPC. You don't have control over the CDP Management Console but you also don't have control over the AWS Management Console. The AWS Management Console doesn't live in your VPC either. 


If you want to try CDP in the public cloud then there is a far easier way of getting started now that we have released a CloudFormation template that performs a lot of the AWS setup:


My understanding is that when we launch CDP Private Cloud for on-premises deployments then you will be able to host the CDP Management Console on-premises. For the time being, the only way to get access to CDP Public Cloud is via the CDP Management Console which is hosted by Cloudera.


Of course, if you are interested in an IaaS deployment of CDP then you can install CDP Data Center which uses Cloudera Manager for managing the deployment and does not use or require the CDP Management Console which is for cloud deployments only.





New Contributor

Hi StevenOD,


any plan to release Management Console on-premise? We have CDP 7.1 already.




@BI_Gabor In this case you maybe interested in CDP Private Cloud. See 

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