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Cloudera Employee

Hi Again,

Today's video is all about Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW). CDW is one of the many experiences you can use on the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). Cloudera Data warehouse packages up the projects you may already know and use such as Impala and Hive into a service. This Service runs on Kubernetes giving it the ability to pause, resume, scale up, or down quickly and automatically. The Data Warehouse service allows you to quickly deploy new use cases with the right data at the right time to tackle hard problems while meeting your SLA’s. It does all of this with significant cost savings and little effort on your part.


In this first video of the Data Warehouse collection we'll cover the different pieces of the service and layout of the UI. We'll show you the Data Analytics studio (DAS) as well to get you started querying your data warehouse.



More information:

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