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This article is designed to extend the great work by @Ali Bajwa: Sample HDF/NiFi flow to Push Tweets into Solr/Banana, HDFS/Hive

I have included the complete notebook on my Github site, which can be found here

Step 1 - Follow Ali's tutorial to establish an Apache Solr collection called "tweets"

Step 2 - Verify the version of Apache Spark being used, and visit the Solr-Spark connector site. The key is to match the version of Spark the version of the Solr-Spark connector. In the example below, the version of Spark is 2.2.0, and the connector version is 3.4.4

res0: org.apache.spark.SparkContext = org.apache.spark.SparkContext@617d134a
res1: String =

Step 3 - Include the Solr-Spark dependency in Zeppelin. Important note: This needs to be run before the Spark Context has been initialized.

//Must be used before SparkInterpreter (%spark2) initialized
//Hint: put this paragraph before any Spark code and restart Zeppelin/Interpreter

Step 4 - Run Solr query and return results into Spark DataFrame. Note: Zookeeper host might need to use full names:

"zkhost" -> ",,",

val options = Map(
  "collection" -> "Tweets",
  "zkhost" -> "localhost:2181/solr",
//   "query" -> "Keyword, 'More Keywords'"

val df ="solr").options(options).load

Step 5 - Review results of the Solr query

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