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While designing your flow, one will think of handling failures as well. Some may ignore (terminate) it while some may want to analyze their failed flow files.

You can view/download any flowfile in the connection via NiFi UI. However if there are multiple flowfiles then this becomes little tedious since you have to do it for each flowfile. .

In that case, I used below flow to put all failed flow files to a temp location on my nifi node and then access it from there for further analysis.

  1. In this I am generating random 2B text file and passing it to FTP server.
  2. If FTP server is unreachable it will put all flow files to failure/reject queue.
  3. You can list all files in this queue. I have viewed one such file in image below.
  4. Then all these files are passed to PutFile processor which is configured to write all the files it receives to /tmp/test location on the nifi node.

Please note: There could be multiple ways to do this. This is the approach used by me to quickly download all failed flow files in my flow.







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