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HDP Stack Version: 2.4.0


WARN Error while fetching metadata [{TopicMetadata for topic <topic-name> -> No partition metadatafor topic <topic-name> due to kafka.common.TopicAuthorizationException}] for topic <topic-name>: class kafka.common.TopicAuthorizationException (kafka.producer.BrokerPartitionInfo) 

ERROR Failed to collate messages by topic, partition due to: Failed to fetch topic metadata for topic: <topic-name> (kafka.producer.async.DefaultEventHandler) 

ROOT CAUSE: At the moment we can’t use user/group based access to authorize Kafka access over a non-secure channel. This is because it is not possible to assert client’s identity over the non-secure channel. It is ip based in a non-secure environment. Reference: See: Authorizing Kafka access over non-authenticated channel via Ranger RESOLUTION: The policy doesn't work if, IP address is not configured. This address will be of producer and consumer.


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