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The MiNiFi Java agent builds the file from default values and the ones exposed in the config.yml. To override the default values not exposed in the config.yml, a property must be added to the config.yml in the NiFi Properties Overrides section.

For example, content archiving is disabled by default. To enable this, add the following in the config.yml file:


NiFi Properties Overrides: {
  nifi.content.repository.archive.max.retention.period: 1 hour,
  nifi.content.repository.archive.max.usage.percentage: 10%,
  nifi.content.repository.archive.enabled: 'true'


Then, save the config.yml and restart the agent. If you look at the file, you will see the updated values.


NOTE:  This is a known issue (internal bug CEM-967) when using the Edge Flow Manager (EFM) to publish flows to the Java agent.  When a new flow is published, the agent does not retain the overridden properties. Hence, the properties have to be re-entered manually and then the agent has to be restarted.

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