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IoT Edge Processing with Deep Learning on HDF 3.2 and HDP 3.0 - Part 2


See Pre-Work:

See Part 1:


Step By Step Processing

Step 1: Install Apache NiFi (One or More Nodes or clusters)

Choose: or docker pull hortonworks/nifi Apache NiFi Configuration for IoT You will need to set: and nifi.remote.input.socket.port in the conf/ or Ambari settings.

Step 2: Install Apache NiFi - MiniFi on Your Device(s)

Download MiniFi ( You can choose Java or C++. For your first usage, I recommend the Java edition unless your device is too small. You can also install on a RHEL or Debian Linux machine or OSX. Download MiniFi Toolkit ( Resources:

Step 3: Install Apache MXNet (On MiniFi Devices and NiFi Nodes - optional) Install build tools and build from scratch Walk through install: Resources and Source rainbow-processing.xml rainbow-gateway-processing.xml display-images-server.xml rainbowminifi.xml

Resources and Source

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