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Update: added a GitBook link

The unofficial little black book of Kerberos, created and maintained by a HWX engineer, Steve Loughran. Lots of questions that you were afraid to ask. Many advanced customers found it a very useful guide, especially if one needs to develop solutions and code for a Kerberized cluster.

I felt this guide needed much more exposure than it had so far. All credit goes to

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Enjoy as a GitBook, readable online, on mobile and exportable as e.g. a PDF:


This gem of a link is a great example of why this knowledge base is super valuable. Thanks



First of all thank you for compiling all this info. It's really a treasure full of gems. I was so looking forward to read about delegationToken internals and found it here!

Kudos to you for all this hard work !

thank you. View it as working notes to avoid me having to send emails to colleagues trying to understand things. And being working notes, it only covers the problems I've encountered. There are many more out there, and in fact I am having serious problems with Kerberos right now which have even me defeated. So don't expect it to solve all your problems.

  1. It's actual title is "Hadoop and Kerberos: The Madness Beyond the Gate" —there's an HP Lovecraft theme of "forbidden knowledge which will drive you insane" which is less a joke and more commentary.
  2. it's actually rendered on gitbook
  3. If you are working with Kerberos, get a copy of the O'Reilly Hadoop Security book too. My little e-book was written to cover the bits that was left out: to extend rather than replace.
  4. Finally, being open source: contributions are welcome