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This is the process to load balance zookeeper's behind a haproxy LB and the can be used for any other components as well .

1) Install HAproxy

yum install haproxy

2) Edit /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg and append the below config

#This specifies port which the end users will use to access zookeeper.

listen appname

#Specifies the access method tcp/http/udp , should be tcp for zookeeper

mode tcp

#Algorithm used for balancing requests

balance roundrobin

#It forwards the client ip requesting the service to zookeeper

option forwardfor

#The zookeeper server list and port

server mshaik-2 check

server mshaik-3 check

server mshaik-4 check

3) Reload haproxy config file

haproxy -f /etc/haproxy.cfg -p /var/run/ -sf $(cat /var/run/

4) Test the connection through beeline

beeline> !connect jdbc:hive2://;serviceDiscoveryMode=zooKeeper;zooKeeperNamespace=hiveserver2

Connecting to jdbc:hive2://;serviceDiscoveryMode=zooKeeper;zooKeeperNamespace=hiveserver2

Enter username for jdbc:hive2://;serviceDiscoveryMode=zooKeeper;zooKeeperNamespace=hiveserver2:

Enter password for jdbc:hive2://;serviceDiscoveryMode=zooKeeper;zooKeeperNamespace=hiveserver2:

Connected to: Apache Hive (version 1.2.1000.

Driver: Hive JDBC (version 1.2.1000.


0: jdbc:hive2://>

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