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Within VirtualBox, navigate to Settings > Shared Folders. Choose a directory path on the host machine, give the directory a name and choose applicable options (such as Auto Mount). For this example, I used the name 'share'.

Note this doesn't require restarting your VM.

Now establish an SSH session to your guest. Run the following command (see this article) to mount the shared directory to the local directory ~/host on the guest. You can now access and transfer files from guest to host and vice versa.

sudo mount -t vboxsf share ~/host


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hi, I'm using Git Bash to SSH to Sandbox(HDP_2.6.3_virtualbox_16_11_2017) and it's not recognizing the 'vboxsf'

[root@sandbox-hdp ~]# sudo mount -t vboxsf VMShare ~/host

mount: unknown filesystem type 'vboxsf'

Note : Already added VMShare as a Shared folder using shared steps.

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Hi all,

the instructions given in the article avoid to mention a setup pre-requisite which is "Installing VirtualBox Guest Additions" on the guest machine, that is to say installing it on our CentOS based HDP Sandbox VM.

Simple ? .... Not really ! The devil is inside the details.

In Virtualbox documentation Chapter 4 Guest Additions, it is said;


So we have a pre-requisite of our pre-requisite, which consists of "preparing [our] guest for building external kernel modules"


And our HDP 2.6.4 doesn't seem ready: the running kernel (4.4.x id I'm right) and the kernel-devel and kernel-headers versions do not match), which is a condition that is checked during the installation process.


Trying to update the kernel-devel/kernel-headers to match the 4.4.x version, I ended up with a conflict and I was unable to update the kernel-headers with the 4.4.x version.

Removing the package (before reinstalling the 4.4.x version) doesn't seem an option neither, because of its dependancies:


At the end, I didn't succeed in mouting shared folders into my HDP 2.6.4.

Any help will be very appreciated.


My config:

  • host: Windows 10 + VirtualBox 5.2.8
  • guest: HDP 2.6.4

Usefull links: