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The NiFi community maintains a NiFi Docker image that comes very handy when you want to play with NiFi on your laptop. When you develop flows to run in a NiFi cluster with 2 or more nodes, though, there are things that you need to check and test differently from a single-node NiFi cluster.


Recently, @Arqui shared a docker-compose configuration in this forum question that creates a 2-node NiFi cluster on Docker. The compose configuration still had a few issues to be ironed, though, and there were some manual steps you still had to perform before launching the cluster, like creating the TLS certificates for it.


I found the idea interesting and spent some time working out the missing details. I also automated the TLS certificate creation and added a load-balancer to the compose configuration. Now, to use your own NiFi sanbox cluster, all you need to do is this:


  1. Download the docker-compose.yml file (see repo link below)
  2. Run "docker compose up -d"
  3. Connect to your own local 2-node cluster on http://localhost:8443/nifi.


I've been pretty happy with the result and that's what I now use on my laptop when I want to test something out quickly.


I hope this can be useful for others too:






Thanks for this.

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