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If you have an AD/LDAP environment and using HDP with Ranger, it's critical to review the case in which usernames and group ids are stored in your Directory Services environment. Ranger authorization is case sensitive therefore if the username / group id doesn't match the one returned from Directory (AD/LDAP) authorization will be denied


To solve this problem Ranger offers 2 parameters that can be set via Ambari. This should ideally be done at install time to avoid the need to re-sync all users. Ranger usersync properties for case conversion are:

  1. ranger.usersync.ldap.username.caseconversion
  2. ranger.usersync.ldap.groupname.caseconversion

You can set these properties to lower or upper; this will make sure that Ranger will store the usernames and groups in the above specified format in it's local database therefore when users login their authorization parameter will match correctly.

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