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The Security Guide was extensively updated to reflect new Ranger and Knox features for HDP 2.5. This new content includes:

  • Ranger-Atlas integration using tag-based services and policies.
  • Tags and policy evaluation.
  • Atlas Ranger Authorization plugin.
  • Ranger-Hive row-filtering and column-masking.
  • Migration script to convert from Audit-to-DB to Audit-to-Solr.
  • Ranger Reports page improvements.
  • Knox SSO.
  • Ranger Usersync enhancements.
  • Ranger High Availability (added to Apache Hadoop High Availability guide).
  • Updates to reflect the new Ambari Infra Solr instance.

The Data Governance guide was completely rewritten for HDP 2.5 to reflect new Apache Atlas capabilities, along with a new Atlas UI. This new content includes:

  • Atlas-Ranger integration and Tag synch.
  • Installation and Configuration.
  • Configuring Atlas Security.
  • Configuring Atlas High Availability.
  • Searching and viewing Atlas Assets.
  • Working with Atlas tags.
  • Enabling and Managing the Atlas Business Taxonomy (Technical Preview).
  • Updated REST API resources.
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