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Setting up High Availability for Oozie server.

Prerequisite: -

  1. To have multiple Oozie instances we need to have either MYSql/Postgres/Oracle DB instead of the Dubey Database
  2. We need to have HA Proxy /F5 Setup for Load Balancing. For Production I would suggest to get the F5 Load Balancer which should be managed by the Network Team.
  3. Steps to setup Multiple oozie servers followed by HAProxy setup.

      Setting up the ZK Quorum and oozie_base_url

      Inorder to enable the HA feature of oozie we need to use zookeeper quorum and expose the Url of the Proxy server.


      • ozie.zookeeper.connection.string provide the Zookeepr quorum in my lab e.g. ",,"
      • add the class
      • oozie.base.url ( this is the Proxy server will be used for all accepting all inward conncetion
      • Uncomment oozie_base_url section in oozie-env.

        Finally restart the Oozie Service

        Detailed Steps are documented in ->

        Setting up HA Proxy:-

        • Install Haproxy server :- yum install haproxy
        • Post installation it will it will create a .cfg file (/etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg)
        • Configure the Front_End and Back_end Nodes in the haproxy.cfg
        • Example of haproxy.cfg from my cluster

          (Proxy servers are running on and oozie Instances are running on,


          • #---------------------------------------------------------------------
          • # main frontend which proxys to the backends
          • #---------------------------------------------------------------------
          • frontend
          • bind *:11000
          • mode http
          • # acl url_static path_beg -i /static /images /javascript /stylesheets
          • # acl url_static path_end -i .jpg .gif .png .css .js
          • # use_backend static if url_static
          • default_backend oozie_servers
          • #---------------------------------------------------------------------
          • # static backend for serving up images, stylesheets and such
          • #---------------------------------------------------------------------
          • backend static
          • balance roundrobin
          • server static check
          • #---------------------------------------------------------------------
          • # round robin balancing between the various backends
          • #---------------------------------------------------------------------
          • backend oozie_servers
          • balance roundrobin
          • server app1 check
          • server app2 check
          • ======================================================

            • Finally start the HAProxy Server :- /etc/init.d/haproxy start

            Validation of the HAProxy and Oozie :-

            Please connect to the Oozie Web Console from the by using the Frontend/Proxy-server IP/Hostsnname


            Sumit Sarkar