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If you come across this error while doing HBase Service check in a non-kerberized environemnt:

"ERROR: Table ambarismoketest does not exist.'"

Please follow these steps to resolve it:

1. Stop HBase from Ambari.
2. Go to hbase zookeeper CLI and look for

$ hbase zkcli
$ls /hbase-unsecure/table/ambarismoketest

3. If the table exists then delete the table:

rmr /hbase-unsecure/table/ambarismoketest

4. Start HBase from Ambari

5. Now, recreate ambarismoketest table:

$ hbase shell

hbase> create 'ambarismoketest','family'
hbase> quit

6. It should fix the issue.

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@manish1  This solution doesn't work for me. Any other suggestion?