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I am a junkie for faster & cheaper data processing. Exactly why I love IaaS. My personal REAL WORLD experience with the typically IaaS providers has been generally slow on performance. Not to say hadoop/hbase/spark/etc jobs will not perform; however, you need to be familiar with what you're getting into and set realistic expectations. Recently I meet the IaaS vendor


Their liquid metal offering which provides all the greatness which comes with bare metal on-prem installations but in the cloud. Options for bonded NICs & DAS had me at hello.

I decided to run the same performance test I ran on AWS (article here) on bigstep. All the details of the scripts I ran are in that article. Just a quick note - these performance articles do not advocate for or against any specific IaaS provider. Nor does it reflect the HDP software. I simply want to run the repeatable processing test with near/similar IaaS hardware profiles and gather performance statistics. Interrupt the numbers as you wish.

1xMaster Node Hardware Profile

CPU: 2 xIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v3 @ 2.40GHz(8 x 2.40 GHz) RAM: 128 GB DDR3 ECCLocal storage disks: 1 NVMEDisk size: 745 GBNetwork bandwidth: 40 gbps

3xData Nodes Hardware ProfileCPU: 2 xIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v3 @ 2.40GHz(8 x 2.40 GHz) RAM: 256 GB DDR3 ECCLocal storage disks: 12 HDDDisk size: 1863 GBNetwork bandwidth: 40 gbps

Teragen results: 11 Mins 49 Secs


I want to remain as objective as possible but WOW. That is simply one of the fastest teragen results I have ever seen.

TeraSort results

51 Mins 12 secs


Fastest I have seen on the cloud so far. On-prem with 1 additional node I was able to get it down to 40 mins. So 51 mins on 1 less nodes is pretty good.

TeraValidate Results

4 mins 42 seconds


This again was the faster performance I have seen on 1TB using teravalidate.

I hope this helps with some basical insights into similar test I have performed so far on various IaaS providers. In the coming weeks/months I plan on publishing performance test result using azure and GCP.

It is extremely important to understand zero performance tweaking as been done. Nor does this reflect how HDP runs on IaaS providers. This does not reflect anything about the IaaS provider as well. I simply want to run with minimum tweaking teragen/terasort/teravalidate test, with same parameters, and similar hardware profiles and document results. That's it. Keep it simple.

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