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Phone Tracking with OwnTracks and Apache NiFi 1.x

OwnTracks is an Open Source project which provides an iOS and an Android app with which your smartphone records its current location.

I installed the OwnTracks application for iOS and it let's you specify your own REST JSON server to receive calls. I added Apache NiFi. It can also send via MQTT direct to mosquittio on prem to NIFI or to CloudMQTT. You just need to enter your Apache NiFi address and port.


Tell NiFi to listen for HTTP on port 9179 for the phone push, allow it to use GET, POST and PUT. No coding required.


Respond to the phone with HTTP Status Code 200 and use the context map to connect the HTTP flow.


We pull out the attributes from the JSON Flow File.


Store our Phone Data in Apache Phoenix on HBase

upsert into phone  (uuid,battery,longitude ,accelerator ,velocity,vac ,latitude , tvalue ,connection , tst , altitude , messagetype , tid, httpremotehost, useragent, filename, datetime)
values ('${'uuid'}','${'battery'}','${'longitude'}','${'accelerator'}','${'velocity'}',

Results in Zeppelin



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good suggestion ! This apps really helpful in tracking and storing location of own ...

Also reference are very helpful to me.


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