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In previous releases of HDP, client-side caching of keys could result in unexpected behavior with WebHDFS.

Consider the following steps:

1. Create two keys in ranger KMS: user1_key and user2_key

2. Add two resource based policy one per above user.

User1_encr_policy: Allow the Decrypt_EEK permissions to user1 only

User2_encr_policy: Allow the Decrypt_EEK permissions to user2 only.

3. Add two encryption zones. user1_zone (using user1_key) and user2_zone (using user2_key)

4. Run the following command, you may be able to access the content of test.csv file from user1_zone using user2

curl -i -L ""

HDP- includes HADOOP-13749, which fixes the caching issue. The FS cache and KMS provider cache can be disabled by changing the configuration as follows: "fs.hdfs.impl.disable.cache", "true" dfs.client.key.provider.cache.expiry, 0

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