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Hortonworks Data Platform 2.5 enhances your data access experience by redesigning and centralizing data access content, including providing you with content roadmaps for Apache Hive and Apache HBase. These content roadmaps help you find your way through the wider HDP and Apache libraries, with links to relevant sites and topics based on your task.

Working with Hive? You might want to try the technical preview of Interactive and Sub-Second SQL Queries through LLAP. HDP 2.5 also includes improved security through row-level filtering and column masking. And by default, the Hive View now supports a JDBC connection.

HBase users, you can now backup and restore datasets that run on production clusters by performing a single full backup and then capturing incremental changes to the dataset. HDP 2.5 also provides HBase Medium Object (MOB) Storage support.

Using Apache Phoenix? HDP 2.5 supports Apache Phoenix version 4.7 including improved integration of HBase and Phoenix namespaces. And you can configure Phoenix Storage Handlers so that Hive queries can be run on Phoenix data.

The newest version of HDP also helps users who want a more lightweight client for developing and running applications with Phoenix. The distro supports more Phoenix Query Server client driver options. To help secure your data application environment, you can enable native Kerberos authentication in the query server.

Check out these updates and more in the HDP Data Access content and leave us some feedback in HCC!