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Known issue :

There is a known issue with this configuration. When Ranger service is installed using custom user (Service user’s name can be updated during installation of a service on a Misc Tab on Ambari) and location of PID file was changed by the user (i.e. value of below given property is changed from its default.), there is an issue with service startup.

On Ambari Configs section of Ranger : 
ranger-env / ranger_pid_dir  = /var/run/ranger  	## is a default value

If user changes value of the above property to be a different folder, there is an issue with usersync service startup. When usersync start command is called, it invokes /grid/0/hdp/<version>/ranger-usersync/ script, which has hardcoded value of PID file for usersync process and the owner as ‘ranger’. Because of this, usersync restart will fail as custom service user does not have permission to create or write pid file on the directory owned by user ‘ranger’.


In order to solve above issue of usersync startup /grid/0/hdp/<version>/ranger-usersync/ needs to be updated to reflect the non-default values.

  • Edit
  • Provide correct path for :: pidf
  • And change chown command giving access to the custom user used in the implementation. Once these changes are done in file, restart Ranger services from Ambari.

This issue has been resolved as part of HDP-2.6, however if anyone observes same issue in earlier version, this article could be helpful.

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