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Community Reputation Part 2: Ranks

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The Cloudera Community is your platform to seek answers to your Cloudera questions, as well as provide quality answers, expertise, self-help, and peer-to-peer support. Our mission is to provide an online community for people to come together, gain valuable insights from their peers, collaborate, and innovate around Cloudera products.

The new reputation system is live, and we’ve moved all legacy Hortonworks Community Connection (HCC) badges over to the new Cloudera Community! The reputation system is our way of rewarding members for continually supporting the three pillars of our community by:

  • being inquisitive (asking questions)
  • being generous (answering questions and sharing expertise)
  • being grateful (marking answers as solutions, giving kudos for content).  

As we mentioned in "Community Reputation: What You Need to Know" the Community reputation is comprised of several parts: community ranks, badges, and leaderboards. In this blog post we will focus on Community Ranks. 

This is one post in a 4-part series: 

  1. Community Reputation Part 1: Overview
  2. Community Reputation Part 2: Ranks
  3. Community Reputation Part 3: Badges
  4. Community Reputation Part 4: Leaderboards

Community RanksRanks.png

Our Cloudera Community has a new rank system that grows as you contribute to the community. And the more substantial your contributions -- posting, replying, and marking answers as solved -- the higher your rank will climb. 

What goes into the Ranks?

While the exact algorithm for rank progression is our secret sauce, we will tell you that some of the main ingredients are a combination of all of the following:

  • Interacting with others (asking and answering questions)
  • Getting your replies marked as a solution
  • Receiving kudos
  • Giving kudos

Rank advancement is based on your overall contributions to the Cloudera Community. Simple interactions and useful input will contribute to your rankings, but advanced, well-rounded contributions in a number of areas will really boost your rank!

What about my HCC rank?

The new community uses a rank system, not a point system. 

But we’ve worked hard to ensure members will migrate into an appropriate rank level based upon their points and past HCC contributions. Don’t worry, our top members can still achieve new rank levels, too! If you are a former HCC member, you will receive a new rank based on your previous HCC contributions. 

The new ranks will look different (check them out above), but you’ll have an opportunity to earn even more ranks than before. Since both communities had a Guru rank, we're making sure that those with 500+ points will remain at the Guru level (or above). Going forward we’ll calculate ranks differently, so your future contributions will be what moves you up past Guru. This differs from how we did things in HCC; a combination of contributions noted above will help you move up...instead of focusing on one single behavior to get points. 

What does the orange “C” mean?

If you see a member with Orange "C".png next to their username, they are an employee of Cloudera. This will include any legacy Hortonworks employees as well.