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Community Reputation Part 3: Badges

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The Cloudera Community is your platform to seek answers to your Cloudera questions, as well as provide quality answers, expertise, self-help, and peer-to-peer support. Our mission is to provide an online community for people to come together, gain valuable insights from their peers, collaborate, and innovate around Cloudera products.

The new reputation system is live, and we’ve moved all legacy Hortonworks Community Connection (HCC) badges over to the new Cloudera Community! The reputation system is our way of rewarding members for continually supporting the three pillars of our community by:

  • being inquisitive (asking questions)
  • being generous (answering questions and sharing expertise)
  • being grateful (marking answers as solutions, giving kudos for content).  

As we mentioned in "Community Reputation: What You Need to Know" the Community reputation is comprised of several parts: community ranks, badges, and leaderboards. In this blog post we will focus on Community Badges.

This is one post in a 4-part series:

  1. Community Reputation Part 1: Overview
  2. Community Reputation Part 2: Ranks
  3. Community Reputation Part 3: Badges
  4. Community Reputation Part 4: Leaderboards

Community Badges

Unlike ranks that are based on overall contributions, you earn badges for completing a specific number of activities, like providing solutions, tagging content, and asking questions

The new badge system introduces:

  1. Badge Progression Visual Clues
  2. Badge Categories
  3. Badge Levels

What are Badge Progression Visual Clues?

Badge visual clues are the colors we assign to show your progression in certain community tasks from beginner to advanced. Each badge group has a level from 1 to 5 (with the exception of solutions, which goes up to 7). You’ll start out with beginner badges, and progress to advanced. The colors will go from gray to mint to orange, as seen below in the progression.

badge progression.png

What are Badge Categories?

Badge categories define the type of contribution you’re being rewarded for. There are four main badge main categories: behaviors and interactions, merit, audiences, and achievements. 

Behaviors & Interactions Badge Category

The behaviors and interactions badges are all about providing value back to the community. When you reply to others, provide helpful comments that turn into solutions; when you leave feedback via comments or kudos, you are adding to the community’s knowledge. All badges in this category will have the shield shape below.

Behaviors and Interactions.png

Merit Badge Category

Merit badges are additional things you can do. Tag articles and conversations, complete your profile so others get to know you, visit the community frequently. All badges in this category will have a circular shape.


Audience Badge Category

Audience badges are given for particular groups, such as our Champions and Moderators and are awarded for specific roles in the community. These badges will have the hexagon shape.


Achievement Badge Category

The final category is for achievements. Here we’ll award badges for particular achievements, like meetup organizers, event speakers, and beta testers. Later on, we’ll add those who have earned Cloudera certifications. If you contribute a Code Repo or Community Article, you’ll earn a badge as well. Badges in this category will have the starburst shape.   


What are Badge Levels?

Badge Levels indicate your level of contribution within each badge type. Your level increases every time you demonstrate behaviors such as solving questions, starting a conversation, and giving feedback. For example, Level 1 is for new members just getting started in the community, while a Level 3 badge indicates an intermediate user. Levels 5-7 means you’re quite active in the community with topic mastery and substantial contributions. You’ll also see the visual progression in the colors used.

To see which badges you can work towards, click your avatar, then go to “My Profile.” Click "View All Badges" on gray badge bar, then click the grayed-out badge icons to learn how to earn each one. 

Here’s a sneak peek of our key badges and how you earn them:

Badges list and images.png

We’ll continue adding and unveiling fun new badges as you participate in the community — so get started asking questions, adding content, and sharing your expertise today!

What about my HCC badges? 

If you are a former HCC member we believe the badges you’ve earned should move with you, simply because you’ve achieved them! 

We have completed a one-time migration of badges you earned from HCC to your new Cloudera Community profile. You no longer earn the legacy HCC badges. Instead you will earn new Cloudera Community badges or rank up based upon your future contributions to the Cloudera Community.

How do I see the badges I've earned? 

You can see your badges on your profile page (as well as other users on their profile). Click your community avatar and choose My Profile. There, you can see a preview of the badges you've earned.

profile badge.png


Click "Show All" to go to the full list of badges. You can do this from anyone's profile, but on your own badge page you'll also see badges that you haven't yet earned (the ones that look inactive / faded). Click on any badge to see the description.


This is an example of what the view of your own badge list could look like:

earned badges.pngAnd this is an example view of others' badges:

other user badges.png


Got questions? Reach out to our Community Team or comment below.

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