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Important Changes Coming to Cloudera’s Community Reputation: Part 1

Community Manager

As part of our new and improved Cloudera Community, we are thrilled to introduce an updated Reputation Program. This program features more fun ways to recognize your contributions and participation! 

This program is comprised of several parts: community ranks, badges and leaderboards. You’ll see some of the rank and leaderboard updates in July and a new badge system later this summer. Here’s what you need to know.


What is the Reputation Program? The updated community platform acknowledges your contributions and engagement with a rank system, cool new badges (coming later in the summer) and leaderboards. You can climb the ranks & leaderboards and earn badges by asking questions, replying to others, giving and receiving kudos, and providing valued solutions.

How do I know where I rank? An icon next to your username will indicate your current rank. The icon will change as your reputation within the community grows, marking your progress as you engage more and move up the ranks toward becoming a Master Mentor. Check out the chart on the right for complete list of our new ranks and corresponding icons. 

What is the New Badge System? A new badge system will launch later this summer. Once it does, you’ll be able to earn and show off badges for completing a specified number of activities in a variety of areas, like providing solutions, tagging content, and asking questions. We will share what badges are available and how you can earn them in the coming weeks.

What are Badge Levels? Badges will also have levels that now allow you to advance from a Level I starter all the way up to a Level V master and we will continue adding and unveiling fun new badges and ranks. 

So community contributions earn badges and improve our rank? Yes. Badges are fairly straightforward: complete a certain number of specific actions and earn a new badge level. More to come on this soon. Unlike badges, rank advancement is based on your overall contributions to the Cloudera Community. Simple interactions and useful input will still contribute to your rankings, but advanced, well-rounded contributions really boost your rank.

What’s Changing with Leaderboards? These will stay the same to promote a little friendly competition and to highlight community members who are providing the most valued solutions and quality content. Our multiple leaderboards will recognize:

    • Top Solution Authors
    • Top Kudoed Authors
    • Top Community Article Contributors
    • Top Repo Contributors

We will share more details in early August — stay tuned for our message!

Got questions? Contact Thank you for helping us continue to grow our collective knowledge by asking questions, adding content, and sharing your expertise.


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-The Cloudera Community Team 

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