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Announcing: Cloudera Enterprise 5 (CDH 5.0 + Cloudera Manager 5.0)

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We are thrilled to announce the GA release of Cloudera Enterprise 5 (comprising CDH 5.0 and Cloudera Manager 5.0). 


When it became generally available 18 months ago, Cloudera Enterprise 4 was widely recognized to be more flexible, more scalable, and less expensive than traditional data management platforms; with Cloudera Enterprise 5, we can also say it is faster (HDFS caching FTW!), more functional (includes new components such as Apache Spark and Parquet), and better integrated (for example, Cloudera Impala and Cloudera Search are now both inside CDH). Furthermore, in an impressive demonstration of ecosystem growth, 100 Cloudera partners invested technical resources to certify on Cloudera Enterprise 5 before its release.


Cloudera Enterprise contains many new components and features, with the major ones listed below. (See CDH 5 Release Notes and Cloudera Manager 5 Release Notes for full details.) Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta process to help make this release as good as it could be!


  • New components
    • Apache Spark 0.9.0
    • Apache Crunch 0.9.0
    • Parquet 1.2.5
    • Kite SDK 0.10.0
    • Apache Avro 1.7.5
  • Apache Hadoop
    • Rebase on Hadoop 2.3.0+
  • HDFS
    • HDFS Caching
    • NFS gateway
  • YARN & MapReduce
    • MR2 is production ready
    • MR2 Management by Cloudera Manager
    • MR1 and MR2 are both supported
    • Resource Management/YARN
    • HA support for Resource Manager
  • Cloudera Manager
    • Platform support for CDH 5
    • Resource management and scheduler configuration
    • Extensibility support for third party applications
    • Advanced Impala monitoring
    • Support for Spark
    • Enhancements to monitoring and charts
    • Single sign-on support
  • Apache HBase
    • Rebase on HBase
    • Significant reductions to Mean time to Recovery (MTTR)
  • Impala
    • Rebase on Impala 1.3
    • Language extensibility with native UDFs and UDAF, plus support for existing Hive UDFs
    • Automatic and coordinated metadata refresh
    • Concurrency controls via admission controls
    • Beta of YARN-integrated resource management
  • Apache Flume
    • New Kite Dataset Sink
  • Apache Hive
    • Rebase on Apache Hive 0.12.0
    • Improved JDBC spec coverage
    • SSL encryption support on non-kerberos authentication
    • Native Parquet support
  • Search
    • Support for CDH 5
  • Apache Sqoop
    • Rebase to Sqoop 1.99.3
  • Apache Oozie
    • Support for CRON-like scheduling
    • Oozie HA
    • Rebase on Oozie 4.0
  • Hue
    • Single sign-on support
    • Graphical facets in Search application
    • SQL editors re-vamp: richer GUI for Impala and Hive, result graphing, and more
    • Apache ZooKeeper application
    • Hue 3.5
  • Apache Pig
    • Rebase to Pig 0.12.0
    • Rebase to Apache DataFu (incubating) 1.1.0
  • Back-up and Disaster Recovery (BDR)
    • HDFS Snapshots
    • HBase Snapshots
    • Support for MR2
    • Global replication page
  • Apache Mahout
    • Rebase on Mahout 0.8.0

In the case of existing clusters, Cloudera fully supports upgrades from Cloudera Manager 4.x and CDH 4.x to Cloudera Enterprise 5. If you were a participant in the beta, we recommend that you start with a new cluster with Cloudera Enterprise 5. If you have a particular need to upgrade a cluster running Cloudera Enterprise 5 Beta or CDH 5 Beta to Cloudera Enterprise 5, customers can contact Cloudera Support for further instructions. If you are not a customer, please ask for assistance on the Cloudera Manager forum


Please note that Cloudera Manager 5.0 does not support CDH 5.0 Beta 1 or Beta 2.


As always, we are happy to hear your feedback; please send your comments and suggestions through ourcommunity forums. You can also file bugs through our external JIRA system at