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Add user to Atlas

Rising Star

Hi all, I'm trying to login with a user that i have created, but it shows me this error:


It says i'm not authorized to read. I changed the and policy-store.txt




@Francisco Pires

Looks like you have added two users - fmmp and holger_gov, as which user you are trying to login? I can see, you have set the policy store for fmmp but not for holger_gov. Could you please check your configuration again? and restart atlas service to take affect.

You can refer to my answer in the below question which has a detailed explanation about policy store and user credential files.

Rising Star

@Ayub Khan I'm trying login with fmmp and i login, but throws me the errors shown in the first image.

Now, i have the some configurations of holger_gov and fmmp, and only holger_gov logins and works without showing errors.

Let me ask another question, does Apache Atlas displays lineage from sqoop import to hbase table?

@Francisco Pires

Sqoop import to hive is supported by Atlas today. Sqoop import to hbase is not supported.

Refer here for more details on sqoop bridge:

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