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Ambari: Unable to determine stack version for custom service


I'm trying to add a custom service, an additional region server (see my other questions), but I'm getting the following error message:

Could not determine stack version for component hbase-regionserver-01 by calling '/usr/bin/hdp-select status hbase-regionserver-01 > /tmp/tmplhosIC'. Return Code: 1, Output: ERROR: Invalid package - hbase-regionserver-01

What method do I have to provide in order to make this call succeed ?


I just tried to test the upgrade, and it seems that the issue is critial for upgrade as well. I get the following message:

The following components were found to have version mismatches.  Finalize will not complete successfully: RS_HBASE_02/RS_HBASE_02 reports UNKNOWN

Thanks in advance for any hints.



Another warning I get when I restart the ambari-server is within ambari-server-check-database.log

WARN - Service(s): RS_02, from cluster testc has no config(s) in serviceconfig table!

What does this warning mean in particular?

What do I have to do in order to get rid of it?


Super Mentor

@David Pocivalnik

Below is a WARN message you can ignore it as it is coming form some custom service.

WARN - Service(s): RS_02, from cluster testc has no config(s) in serviceconfig table!

. As your custom service RS_02 might not have any service level configuration.

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@David Pocivalnik

Are you really using this "hbase-regionserver-01" component ? Is that a custom component/service?

Is there any directory with name "hbase-regionserver-01" present inside "/usr/hdp/current/" ? If you are not using it then please remove it from the "/usr/hdp/current/" directory (or take a backup of it to some other directory)



@Jay SenSharma yes, it's my custom component, and a directory with the name is present within /usr/hdp/current.

Any idea why I get this error? Anything else I need to be aware of?

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