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How can I start my Ambari heartbeat?


How can I start my Ambari heartbeat?I'm a beginner in hortonworks. After installation and changing the ip address, I have got ambari all services down and All Heartbeat Lost! How can I overcome this situation? Thank you in advance.



@Hadi Bitalebi when you change IP address what do you mean? On Ambari server or agent? You need to make sure they both know each others address. Look in /etc/ambari-agent/conf/ambari-agentr.ini the server address. Check /etc/hosts on both servers and fix up. Fix ssh or manual registration on both.


Thank You for your reply, Please check the Image Below.


and you can check this image too:



@Hadi Bitalebi Run sudo ambari-agent status

Then if stopped start with séver first

sudo ambari-agent start


Unfortunately Nothing Changed 😞



And yet Heartbeat Lost!



@Hadi Bitalebi change IP to fqdn if that's the case and restart Ambari server and agent. Is your VM setup for 2nd adapter? Check ref manual how to properly change IP

@Hadi Bitalebi

This can be little tricky and that's why you must use hostname or FQDN for the ambari install. Did you install the cluster using IP address ?

Or It's sandbox environment.

My suggestion is to reinstall using Hostname....

if you cannot then you have to be creative ...See this


Thank you for your suggestions, but this is a sandbox and it was all installed and I don't know how to change the host name to FQDN?! How can I reinstall Ambari in Sandbox?

@Hadi Bitalebi That's exactly my point. Why are you changing the IP?

I think you are confusing things. You can remove ambari and reinstall.

yum remove ambari-server

yum install ambari-server

You don't have to do anything after improitng sandbox. Please see this